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Chronology - History of our club

Let's talk about us

In 1983, a little group of warrant officers decided to found a club station.

The president founder was the Chief Petty Officer Christian MARCINIAK.
His actions permited to collect all the funds and helps to "launch the ship".
The Chief of  Naval Staff gave his agreement an permit that the club installs its antennas in the enclosure of FORT MONTBAREY.
Since 2005, the clubstation belongs to the RADIO section of the Navy Sports and Artistic Club.

We are always in FORT MONTBAREY,which is a place ideally placed for our activities.

The activities are on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2PM to 6PM (except participating in contests).

Come to visit us by contacting:
  • On the relay of Finistere R1 (145.625 MHz)
  • Calling on the frequency:145.225 MHz
  • By mail: f6ksv@free.fr
  • By phone:

Creation date : 24/12/2005 00:32
Last update : 27/06/2007 16:09
Category : Chronology
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